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This is an opportunity to be part of something more than yourself and carry the same message as our company– We are helping patients by breaking down the barriers of addiction treatment.

Having previously been a counselor myself I understand the requirements, I value each therapist that we bring on board to this company.  I know that the therapists are what drives treatment and if you have happy therapists you will have happy patients.  I have an open communication policy in which I will always maintain open communication with my staff and welcome any feedback or suggestions that you may have (good or bad).  I believe in working together we will continue to improve this company for all those who are involved.   -Megan

Our Culture is as follows

  1. Always put the patient’s first
  2. Act with integrity always
  3. Open communication and transparency are important to our growth
  4. Commitment to quality and self-improvement

We are seeking Therapists that understand our vision and culture and who truly want to impact the way we are currently treating addiction.  If you are passionate, innovative, loyal, and self-motivated we want to speak with you.

Our ideal candidate values being an integral member of our company and will work together to provide the best patient care we can, while constantly upping the bar to the way we treat addiction.


• Licensed within the United States
• Already completed supervision hours and licensing exams
• Licensed in at least the state in which you reside
• Have current malpractice insurance
• Experience working in the Addiction field.
• Knowledge of different treatment modalities.
• Effective verbal and written communication skills.
• Upbeat, personable attitude with a genuine eagerness to learn and help.
• Willingness to be part of something outside yourself and help it grow.
• Basic email, smart-phone, Microsoft Office, and Internet skills.

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Earn additional income while working for an Awesome Company. Get paid per patient so you always know your income potential.


Have flexibility in your schedule that can help with the work/life balance.


You see the Patients, we do all the rest.  We take care of the platform and all the marketing for you.