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There may be no greater challenge than navigating the rough waters of a loved one’s addiction. The line between support and enabling is a fine one, leaving you feeling confused and anxious as to how to help.

We understand.

Addiction is a unique mental illness that often presents itself in bad actions, hurting and alienating the very people wishing to help. We are here to help with a unique, customizable therapeutic plan that removes all obstacles to and all excuses for not receiving treatment.

If you would like to learn more, please call us. Your call will be completely confidential.  1-833-2ndChance

At 2nd Chance Counseling, we realize that there is no one solution to addiction and therefore, no one way to treat patients.

We meet patients where they are and work with them as individuals to help them find their long-term recovery.

Heroin, Bath Salts, Alcohol…there are so many addictions that can take over your life.

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